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In-House Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning offers scotchguard service in the Greater Toronto Area. Our fabric protection product we use is invisible to the eye and senses but offers the best protection against upholstery soiling and staining. Best of all it is the exact same products used at major retailers at less than half the price. Avoid inflated furniture outlet upsells and let one of our expert technicians apply your furniture stain protection evenly and smoothly. We are a carpet and furniture cleaning company and we deal with staining issues on a day to day basis, doesn't it make sense to you that we would know much more about furniture stains than your furniture outlet salesman? Different fabrics require a different protection do not use off the shelf products and risk damaging your furniture by applying the fabric protection yourself.

In-House has the expertise and the ease of service, we arrive at your home and offer our sofas, couches, and carpeting protection quickly and precisely, your accident prone children or pets do not do any serious damage to your valuable upholstery.

What scotchgard protection will do is create an odorless and invisible layer over the fibers of your furniture, it will be as if nothing was there, literally. When an unfortunate spill occurs you will be able to easily wipe it off the upholstery as if nothing has happened. There is no risk of permanent staining or damage to your upholstery fabric from any accidic discoloration stains.

You can count on In-House to keep your furniture clean and new for years to come.

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Furniture Cleaning Toronto

Be absolutely assured that there will be not damage to your fabric or colour loss with our Toronto furniture cleaning service.

We make sure our furniture cleaning service is priced right, and that our furniture cleaning service is done right no matter how delicate the fabric is. Our furniture cleaning products are safe to use around kids, pets, and anyone with medical allergy issues.

We provide furniture fabric protection also know as Scotch Guard to ensure you add years to your furnitures' life.

Our furniture cleaning process:

  • We inspect all furniture and determine what treatment is necessary for best results.
  • We use the safest and non-toxic furniture cleaning process.
  • We pre-spray with non-toxic chemicals to breakdown all spots and stains.
  • We work the products into the furniture fabric delicately to ensure a deep cleaning.
  • We finally use a hot water extraction method also know as steam cleaning of the furniture to leave the furniture fabric completely clean and free of any particles whatsoever.
  • Drying time is dependant on the fabric.

    More on Upholstery Cleaning in Toronto

Furniture Odor Cleaning

When furniture and upholstery develope an odor issue, a simple upholstery cleaning will not suffice. Only a deep and thorough steam cleaning of the affected furniture will make the odor disappear. Another important factore in proper furniture odor removal is to make sure only the top of the line odor cleaning products are used. Feel free to call us and ask about our odor cleaning process or any other question regarding furniture odour cleaning pricing etc.

Upholstery Stain Cleaning Toronto

Staining issues of all kind are treatable, but it is important that you do not try to treat the issues yourself with off-the-shelf products as they may counteract our time proven products. Remember each type of stain has a specific treatment method, our proven methods have time and again proven results that maintain the texture, colour, and comfort of your upholstery. IN-HOUSE will come in emergency situations above all to avoid any staining liquid such as red wine stains or pet stains from damaging your sofas, couches, ottomons, mattressess, or chairs.

Toronto Upholstery Pet Odor Cleaning

Pet odours are difficult to treat, Why? Because they have a tendency to return. General cat and dog smell is easily treatable, but dog or cat pee or poo (urine and feces) is difficult to treat and may require upto 3 visits and treatments to completely eliminate the odor. The main issues is the accidity of dog and cat pee and feces, that acidity needs to be neutralized to avoid any damage and discoloration to the upholstery fiber, if left untreated for a long length of time there will remain a 2% discoloration which is actual damage to the upholstery fibers that you cant get rid of.

Microfiber sofa, couches, ottomans, and chairs

Microfiber or micro suede upholstery is not difficult to clean and maintain, the trick is not over wetting when cleaning as it results in mold, mildew, and actual water stains in the microfiber or suede material. The advantage to cleaning microfiber and suede upholstery material is that when cleaned by an expert you can maintain the brilliance of color and softness of the material for years to come.

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